Food Processing Technology Breakfast

With Keynote Speaker Ken Goldberg

William S. Floyd Distinguished Chair of Engineering, UC Berkeley; Industrial Engineering/Operations Research (IEOR) Dept.; Director, AUTOLAB an CITRIS "People and Robots" Initiative; Founding Member, Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) Lab

A Radically Hopeful Vision for Humans, Artificial Intelligence, and Robots

Should we believe headlines about AI and robots stealing jobs,
replacing drivers, doctors, laborers and lawyers? Are AI and Robots
an existential threat to humans? Counter to the views of many
experts,  Goldberg argues that a more likely outcome is "Complementarity,"
where AI and robots complement human skills, allowing humans to focus
on what we do best: dexterity, creativity, intuition, empathy, and
communication. Goldberg will share results from his research in robotics and
recent global study suggesting how AI and robots could lead to a
more productive and inclusive future for humans. Goldberg believes that
advances in AI can inspire what he calls "Wide Learning" for humans (vs
"Deep Learning" for machines). Wide Learning has potential to expand
human learning opportunities along 3 dimensions: people skills,
cognitive diversity, and lifelong learning. Illustrated with images
and video, this presentation will explore: 1) What Isn’t New, 2) What
Is New, to 3), How We Can Prepare.

February 13 | 8:00 am - 10:00 am | Santa Clara CC | Great America Meeting Room 1-2

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